New Book: Out of the Night

“No one shoots at you on a cold case…at least, not with an iGun.”

Twenty years ago Jacob Acevedo, the son of poor immigrant workers, savagely shot Paul Present, the scion of a wealthy orchardist, leaving behind a devastated fiancé.
Jacob’s last words are chilling, filled with revenge, hatred, and prophecy.

Children go missing and no one is looking for them. Why would you search for something you didn’t know was lost?

Now a burned-out Seattle detective on his last chance to do the job right, is sent to Yakima, Washington and put under the supervision of Chief of Police Hernandez, a rookie cop at the time of the murder.

Tracking down the past, from the jungles of Vietnam, the dusty plains of the old west and the war torn ghetto of the inner city, the Detective must put aside all of his assumptions about race, religion, sex, and power if he ever wants to solve the mystery of the lost children without losing his soul.”


Read excerpts from the book, here and here!

Out of the Night had me captivated from the moment I began reading it – to the point that I was so lost in the story I forgot to do anything else but finish it! Read this book…you won’t regret it!

A Captivating Read