The Most Amazing Wife

I love my wife.

She looks right in my eyes, strokes my cheek and says, “I love you.” Not once a day or twice a day.  I’ve lost count of how many times that happens in a day.

We tried to remember the last time I spent a night away from my family.  I think it was in 2015, in August.  Only one night without my lover.

I understood in saying, “I do” that I was saying, “I don’t” to so many other things life has to offer.  But in giving myself entirely to my marriage and ministry, I have no regrets.

I always will feel like I could be accomplishing more, but not regrets.

I don’t regret 16 years of amazing marriage.

I don’t regret that my wife is the only woman I’ve ever made love to.

I don’t regret loving her through every circumstance.

I don’t regret laying bare every secret of my soul to my lover.

I don’t regret never hitting her or calling her horrible names.

I don’t regret making four beautiful children with her, and giving them all the love and attention I possibly can.

I don’t regret taking less money when it defines a life of love and time spent together.

I don’t regret that day at the altar when I said, “I do” and kissed her for the first time.

I love you baby.



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